Cathy, St. Lucia

 “I enjoyed the practical activities that made me think of the possible uses of this free Social Media tools for my Institution”  (ICfD Summer 2014) 


After beginning the e-learning course “Innovative Collaboration for Development” (ICfD), offered by UNITAR, it became apparent to me that this course would be useful for me both in my current position as a student of Instructional Design and when I return home to St. Lucia after my studies. It gave me an opportunity to revisit some technology that I use on a daily basis and introduced me to new technologies as well.

I was familiar with the Google Suite software, however ICfD showed me new ways of using these tools particularly the blogs. These tools allowed me to collect many social media outputs in one place. I am at the stage in my studies where access to information is extremely important, so, I now use to curate information on e-Learning, technology in classrooms and instructional design. Before, I would have to go to three different places to get the information.

I also teach an online course and have now incorporated videos via a YouTube channel for my class. It has facilitated all my video content in one place. I enjoyed the practical activities that made me think of the possible uses of this free Social Media tools for my Institution. It involved using Social media tools for communication, collaboration and information sharing. I look forward to implementing what I have learnt. All of the content in the course has to this point proved extremely useful.


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One thought on “Cathy, St. Lucia

  1. I have found your article interesting ,I am a graduate student handling instructional design.It is amazing how we can bring technology into the classroom.My boss is having issues coping up with technology especially the financial aspect of it,to be frank I understand his position.How far can technology take us? What will eventually happen to the traditional methods of teaching?Is technology killing the human face of teaching?we need to be careful on what to do and what not to do.This was a very educative article thanks

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