Robert, Uganda

  “I’ve gain MORE professional and practical skills in using Web2.0 tools and applications to serve community development!” (ICfD Fall 2011)

Transforming information into opportunities for both Personal and Community Development is my day to day business. UNITAR’s course “Innovative Collaboration for Development” (ICfD) and CTA’s Web2.0 training opportunity helped me to gain MORE Professional and Practical skills in using Web2.0 tools and applications to serve just in the above stated capacity.

Using ICTs for Agricultural and Rural development is a key for combating rural household poverty. Agricultural development or improving the lives of rural small-scale farmers is not all about providing agricultural inputs but more importantly to tackle day-to-day life challenges that a poor rural farmer faces such as meeting Education and Health expenses of his or her children, access to safe and clean water, access to basic needs especially for the elderly, etc. Without improving the general life of a rural-small farmer, it is really impossible to improve agriculture in rural communities because majority are likely to switch from Agriculture to more paying jobs so they can be able to provide for their families.

The practical skills I developed from UNITAR’s ICfD course and CTA’s Web2.0 training opportunities have enabled me to innovatively use online networks, fundraising and blogging platforms, etc to be able to reach to over 2500 children and over 600 disadvantaged elderly people with the following:

1. Scholastic material:

2. Small-scale commercial caged poultry keeping for supporting poor rural child Education and Nutrition needs.

The project business idea is to empower students/pupils with entrepreneur skills through manageable income generating activities to enable them raise funds to cater for the financial challenges they face in obtaining quality education which include feeding but not limited to; clothing, medical, sanitary for girls, scholastic material, among others.

3. Concrete Rain Water Harvesting tank installations in poor rural community schools

4. Skills Development Programs for part time job creation for poor rural primary school children

5. NetSquared and Bluebonnet Sponsored solar-powered Computer training lessons for poor public rural school

Some of my Personal benefits based on the skills I developed from UNITAR’s ICfD course and CTA Web2.0 training opportunities. Based on the advanced skills I developed in web2.0, I am always invited to conduct web2.0 training such as:

(a) Pre-Conference Training workshop during 2013 E-Learning Africa International conference in Namibia;

(b) CTA-Ink4Dev2012 Web2.0 in Uganda;

(c) 2014 E-Learning Africa Pre-Conference Training workshop in Innovative Blogging for development.

My web2.0 skills that I developed from UNITAR’s ICfD course and Regional CTA Training opportunities has made me to be recognized by NetSquared and now acting as NetSquared Uganda Local Organizer  and always organize technology meetups.

So much I have to say but all cannot be said within very few minutes but for details please feel free to visit my blogs!



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