Paula Carello, Argentina

Paula Carello “Argentinean diaspora and homeland development” (ICfD Spring 2011)

Paula created a social platform for Argentinians living abroad!

Originally from the city of Rosario in Argentina, Paula has been living abroad since 2007. First in Belgium, afterwards in Maracaibo, Venezuela and then in Ramallah, Palestine, she has always been keen on working on diaspora and development affairs. In this context, she decided to create and launch a social platform for Argentinians living abroad:

Based in Belgium, she started developing the portal together with a web designer based in Barcelona and a programmer in Argentina. Being a lawyer and counting with very little IT and social media skills, she decided to take UNITAR’s e-Learning course “Innovative Collaboration for Development” (ICfD) to acquire skills on how to make her initiative impactful for the local community with the less investment of money.

Argenomades is now open to the general public and counts with the following features:

– A database of Argentinians living abroad (focused on the professional background of each user), with a search engine and various categories such as current country of residence, city of origin in Argentina, profession, etc as well as the possibility to create groups;
– A fundraising section for Argentinian NGOs where they can post their project ideas in order to get funding from diaspora members interested in their action;
– A section to advertise jobs in Argentina and abroad, as well as scholarships;
– An online forum;
– An information hub collecting various web links relevant to Argentinian diaspora (government sites, media, expat blogs, diaspora organizations portals, etc).

The platform counts nowadays more than 50 members.

LinkedinContact Paula via LinkedIn

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