Wenceslaus Magun, Papua New Guinea

wence “Protecting turtles through Facebook” (ICfD Summer 2012)

Wence has improved the impact of his association through the use of social media!

This course has greatly empowered me. Thanks to the knowledge on social media and web 2.0 tools that UNITAR’s e-Learning course “Innovative Collaboration for Development” (ICfD) gave me, my organisation has achieved big results in terms of getting our messages out to a broader audience, even if we have limited resources, collaborators and fundings. We are now no longer a small group isolated in Papua New Guinea, but our involvement can effectively contribute to a positive national, regional and global development.

Thanks to the ICfD course we have improved our communication strategy through the blog Mas Kagin Tapani  and the Facebook page “Save PNG’s endangered turtles”. We have the intention to go soon into the so called “cloud computing” to share our documentation with the other members of the organization. We are still learning how to use video software: once we will master the art of making videos, we will post them on You Tube. We would also like to register some podcast.

Among the next steps, I am working on building the capacity of communities we work with on web 2.0 tools. In concrete terms, I have facebooked potential people interested in undergoing web 2.0 trainings to contact me through my email or call me. Moreover, we have just conducted a Communications Workshop in one of our target communities in Madang, Karkum village.  I will be posting the report soon on our blog and facebook.  This is the start of an ongoing Communications training we will be carrying out in our project sites and will cover web 2.0 courses.  These training will depend on funding assistance from donors. As a local Not-for-profit group, we are struggling to secure long-term funding, but the tide is shift thanks to the skills I have acquired in the ICfD course and have used to promote our work.

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