Barnabo Nampoukime, Togo

Barnabo  “Building awareness in Togo” (ICfD Summer 2012)

Barnabo is developing a Web 2.0 strategy for his NGO with the help of his friends!

Since I have completed UNITAR’s e-Learning course “Innovative Collaboration for Development” (ICfD), I see communication in a different way. In particular, I have realized that social media and web 2.0 tools offer a big opportunity for non-profit organizations to be effective in communicating, sharing and collecting views and opinions.

Inspired by this experience, one year ago I set up an humanitarian association named “Association Bwa Li Man” and I created a Facebook page, a Twitter account (@BwaLiMan) and a blog to reach a bigger audience. I have been able to convince my friends to embark on this project even though they were complaining about the lack of money and time. I shared with them my ICfD’s lessons and I helped them assimilate the collaborative project management tools, so that if any one missed a meeting he can remain updated about what the others did and which are his new duties. Now all members of the association know that through social media we can reach partners and communicate to Togolese people in an easy way.

We have many projects in mind. We are currently working on the use of Frontline SMS – an application that was suggested to me by the ICfD staff through Facebook! – to help university students get up to date on development issues in their different faculties. Since internet connection is still expensive in our country, Frontline SMS will be useful to share views, research and build partnership for entrepreneurship. It will be time saving and convenient rather than going to the cyber cafe to use a computer. This software will be efficient since every student has a mobile phone. And the software uses all means of collaborative work.

In the future we would also like to promote many different actions, such as establish award prices for conscious and dedicated personnel as civil servants, spread ICT tools in Togo and develop campaigns on how to recycle plastic bags.

To conclude, I would like to thank the facilitator, UNITAR and all ICfD staff for this wonderful experience.

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