Gemma Belen, Spain

Gemma Belen “Social media strategy, a view from Spain” (ICfD Summer 2012)

Gemma explains how social media tools are a great source of resources to improve your communication strategy!

UNITAR’s e-Learning course “Innovative Collaboration for Development” (ICfD) met all my expectations: it helped me to develop an effective social media strategy for AlicantEnergia – where I work as communication specialist; I was able to identify potential and existing target audiences and create for them a community using different platforms. We started with a Twitter account (@alicantenergia), then we reached our users on LinkedIn and Youtube and we finally tested the effectiveness of Web 2.0 using Flickr, Google + and Facebook.

Even if we are still at the very beginning, we have already received very positive outcomes. When you are a new born institution, almost unknown to the vast majority of the public, it can be very difficult to achieve the engagement; but thanks to several face-to-face initiatives – as regional technical congresses, campaigns and training courses for professionals and local councils in order to promote a rational use of energy – our popularity and reputation has been growing little by little also online.

In this way, we have created a perfect balance and cooperation between online and offline: our virtual actions complement and strengthen the offline activities, which at the same time allow us to generate engagement on the net.

Read also Gemma’s previous testimonial on Akisifala Blog!

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